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The motor stator is winded according to factory data and electric class, and according to customer request it is possible to install an internal thermal protection, to wind the frequency switching modes and, if necessary, to achieve a higher heat class than the original one.   

  • Repair of electric machines

  • Revision of the EX engine

  • DC equipment

  • Transformers and electromagnets

  • Repair of hand tools and universal motors

  • Warranty and free shipping


Would you like to have reliable, high-efficiency electric machines for the new production line or to replace the existing machine line/machine? If your answer is yes, do not hesitate to contact us! Our colleagues are happy to help you. 


We can also serve our customers with SuperPremium engines (IE4 class). To achieve the efficiency class, the rotor caliber is made of copper in our workshops. In our own foundry, we realize the short ring and the shape of the copper rod. In order to get the greatest efficiency, it is not only important to choose the ideal material, but also the perfect design. 

High efficiency


  • rotational speed
  • creation or
  • asynchronous cooled engines 

Special asynchronous motors

2500 N traction sheave electromagnets used for the synchronous transport of heavy duty steel plates.  

Electromagnets and retractors

The common electrically operated engines for garbage trucks. 

Electric engine for trucks

On our clients’ requests our team has redesigned a 32-pole synchronization generator for a small water supply system. 

Renewed synchronous generator


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Offer request

Offer request

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